EU registrations - OPEN

@Tony.V , I heard from some friends (EU residents) that they are already onboard on the Cyprus entity, they feel that they l access to very few ETFs (they are a bit disappointed as they wish to replace their existing brokers for T212).

The customers on Cyprus T212 donโ€™t have access to all the products already present in the UK T212?

If so, any idea when the CY T212 will have all the products available?

By the way, any possibility for having also a referral bonus campaign for Portuguese customers? :wink:


I was about to write the same post. Many people are reporting the lack of some basic ETFs.

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@RLX More products will be rolled out gradually this month. ETA for reaching equivalence with T212 UK is probably the end of September at the soonest.


@David Moving existing users to Cyprus will not happen until all tickers are available right?


@adriantc Thatโ€™s absolutely certain.



Registrations across the EU are now open. :partying_face:

Weโ€™ve resumed the onboarding of new clients from


Congrats. :gem: :raised_hands: :slight_smile:

By the way, any possibility for having also a referral bonus campaign for Portuguese customers? :wink:

The following residents arenโ€™t allowed?

  • EU: :belgium: :czech_republic: :malta:

  • Europe: :andorra: :monaco: :san_marino: :vatican_city: :switzerland:


Congrats! :raised_hands:

Quick question, how do you plan to introduce the same stocks/ETFs for new EU members? First stocks, then ETFs? I would be curious when iwda planned to be added?

There is a German listing, the EUNL, that have more liquidity.

Itโ€™s better to search using the ISIN, instead of using the ticker.

Thank you! Goooood Luck to everyone! Letโ€™s enjoy our investing with trading212 :slight_smile:


Welcome to our exclusive club:



Good idea, unfortunately no iShares MSCI World ETF is available for EU residents so far. That is why I asked when ETFs are planned to be added for EU residents.

You are one of the new brother-in-arms? On the new T212 EU platform?

If so, I know that the customers on T212 EU platform, donโ€™t have all the ETFs, T212 is adding them as we speak.

It gives time to add money to the account, learn more about the T212 platform. I know that we would like to have all the financial instruments, we have to be a little patient. Also the summer months have less volume, it increases in September/October. :wink:

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nothing wrong with making deposits and waiting for the wanted stocks and ETFs to go live. more time for due diligence and easing yourself into your choices.

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Thank you @RLX! I also read your comment above, I just hoped for more info on how the instruments would be added in what order. I saw 11 stocks were added this week. So I see they are coming, so everything is cool :slight_smile:

I will check back in a few month then, if they are added, and use my other platform until.

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And build the investment strategy, do the asset allocation. Analyzing the products, financial ratios, test scenarios and so onโ€ฆ

can we get an ETA on the uk waitlist? Few days, weeks, months etc? @Tony.V @Team212


New website is looking fresh :fire:


Some typos by the looks, is it a fresh website or a roll back?

FSCS snippet

Think it went up April 2019.

*Deleted originally as UK compensation not really on topic for opening up the EU.

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Very quickly noticed! Thanks on behalf of all teams involved!

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