Join the waitlist to open a new account

I think they’ve got more than they would ever want in January. :smiley:

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It’s shows. The forum is more calm lately,


any update about the new account registration ? thank you

@jahid23 there are no updates besides what T212 have already released. EU registration is already back, but the UK is not.

when there’s an update, T212 staff usually make a new pinned post to announce it.


Any News on the Waitinglist ?
I have friends and family members from Switzerland being on the waitinglist for a hell of a time…


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So far only “EU customers” (more correctly, European Economic Area customers, that includes EU + Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway) as stated on the original post (UK and Switzerland don’t belong to EU or EEA):

Even some EU countries customers aren’t still onboarding T212:

I just signed up to the waitinglist, I live in the UK, but I see post here from 10 months ago. I would like to open up an ISA account this fiscal year (before April), any idea on the waitinglist?

My crystal ball says you will have your ISA with Trading 212 on the 17th February 2022. :crystal_ball:
You are welcome. :crossed_fingers:t2:


Is it 2022 or 2023 :grinning:

@vvsvin according to their official accounts it’s January 2022: TRADING 212 UK LIMITED filing history - Find and update company information - GOV.UK


Do you have update on accepting new account application? How come a trading platform stop taking new application for 1 year.

They updated it last month in their accounts.

They said early January but can you guess which date, I have already downloaded the app, just waiting for their confirmation. Thanks

Monday the 31st of January


Hope they will open earlier than 31st, maybe next Monday 17th.

always good to ramp the month up with a fresh ad reel with accounts in the UK re-opening.

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Any update? Now end of the January coming…

there’s still a full week left. no rush :sweat_smile:


Hopefully we’ll be able to open new accounts soon, been waiting since last year


Same, been waiting pretty much since they stopped accepting new users.

New to investing, so I’ve been playing around with Freetrade to see how it all works, but I’ve been waiting to set up an ISA through T212 before I actually start routinely investing for the long term.

Fingers crossed we can actually set up new accounts by end of this month! :crossed_fingers:t3: