European Green Deal UCITS ETF - EUGD lists on LSE & Xetra

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European Green Deal UCITS ETF - EUGD (HAN launches for Soc Gen)

The European Green Deal UCITS ETF is a green ETF which provides exposure to the companies which could benefit from the European Green Deal, a set of policy initiatives approved by the European Commission in 2020.

The European Green Deal is a landmark transaction enacted by the European Commission to move Europe to become the first carbon neutral continent, mobilizing over €1 trillion worth of investment in research and development.

The deal pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, and achieve complete carbon neutrality by 2050. This can be summarised by the four key targets:

  • Clean Energy: 45% renewable energy generation by 2030.
  • Sustainable Mobility: 90% reduction in transport related emissions by 2050.
  • Building & Renovations: double the current rate renovation of public & private buildings.
  • Circular Economy: 70% waste recycling target.