Excel Support Please - Live Prices & Improved Statements

A couple of features would make trading so much easier with 212.

Please provide the monthly contract note/ statements in excel format, with two important changes;

Provide a separate column with only the stock ticker instead of combining it with a refernce. This enables easier lookup in excel.

Please put the price as a number only, without the GBP mixed in. Again, easier lookup.

Another admin feature would be a way of linking stock prices live. We just need a workable web link that lists all stock prices, accessible into our excel so we can have live stock updates.

This would be a great help to my stock research and records. Is any of this workable with the service?

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I think having the monthly statement come with an attachment containing an Excel file format would be doable for T212, however as for the admin feature request, I wouldn’t count on it.

I addressed the stock price lookup by signing up to Microsoft 365, £5.99 a month and I can use an Excel plugin that gives me live stock prices, as well as looking up other data such as P/E, daily changes etc. To me this shows there is money to be made if the app was improved to provide this information in a more linkable format.

What I’m missing, is a way of linking my portfolio to my home analytics. Being able to link or copy in my current stock numbers and activities would be a big help in planning my investments.

A great feature would be if I can save my target price on the app and have some kind of guide to show how far the stock is. Seeing a stock up/down by any % doesn’t say a lot, but knowing where it is to my analytics would indicate a buy/sell point.

Not all of us use Excel. CSV would less discriminatory :stuck_out_tongue:

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Stock data in Excel is free, just use this button image

No, the free version just identifies the stock. To have the additional features, such as price, P/E etc, you need a 365 subscription.