BUY/SELL prices via API or Google Sheets

I see Trading212 has an API interface.

Is it possible to query prices from it ? via GET/POST method using curl ? I’d like to get BUY/SELL prices out to feed my spreadsheet.

Alternatively is it possible to query such prices from Google Sheets ? (The T212 prices, not the standard googlefinance…)


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Take a look at the T212 desktop site and look at the Network activity running through your browser.

The answer is yes, you can :nerd_face:

Could also just use the Finki API
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So your API is completely free? Could you pm me a key so I can try it out?

Sure thing
But you need to email to get up and running
Yes, it’s free

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Oh my, this is so helpful. I used to Google everything constantly but now all I have to do is spend some time to set this up and then I’ll have a sheet with all my ex dates and payout dates etc. I now just have to put in my shares, how many I own, and I can get everything from it. Thank you so much for this, going to be so useful!

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Here to help
Keep the ideas and new data points coming
I’m a bit snowed under with all the requests coming in right now but I’m adding new things most days - some super secret functions for people that make special requests
Dividends are what 75% of all API calls so a clear favourite … so I need to add more dividend data points

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I’ll probably find some holes when I produce my spreadsheet, and might request some stuff then. But so far I can use all these to calculate my dividend payments and yield on cost which are very helpful. Really looking forward to getting it set up

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