Exchange rate on GBP dividends


My account is in GBP, but I have noticed when looking at my dividend history that my GBP dividends are showing an exchange rate. What does this exchange rate represent when exchanging from GBP to… GBP?

I’d need more details to check this. Keep an eye on your inbox, I’ll send you a DM shortly :mailbox:

Is the exchange rate 1? If the software for the platform is programmed to convert any amount (buy/sell/dividend…) into base currency then it will do that even if there is no actual conversion so the exchange rate is 1

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No, it is different each time, last one I got was 0.00849 and the week before that for a different REIT was 0.00975

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I don’t know what it is then. Sorry my reply was incorrect it just seemed an obvious explanation without knowing all of the info. I’ll be interested to know what the actual explanation is

Some LSE-listed companies pay out $ dividends, could be that.

Is this mabye GBX (pence) to GBP (pounds) and vice versa?

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Read the post.

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