Last question and I think I figure out everything for now

So I opened my account in USD.
But what happenes if I deposit Eur for example? Can I do it? Does the app convert them automaticly for me? Also is there a place where we can see the exchange rate?

And on this topic also…if my acount is in USD and I buy something in EUR/GDB…do they convert automaticly? Where can I see the exchange rate of that?

And when I close that trade/investment, will I be given back profit in the acount curency…right…whats the exchange rate for that?

  1. I didn’t try. :slight_smile:


Answer is platform automatically does the FX, you can check the rate prior to purchase on CFD account under FX, USD/EUR, USD/GBP.

Also once purchase/sell is done, in the history you will have transaction and the exact rate used for that transaction.

If there is dividend for the stock it will also be converted to USD , I think they use ex dividend date for FX rate, but maybe someone from t212 knows accurately :slight_smile:

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