Execution price above stop price

How do I prevent this happening? It seems to undermine the purpose of a buy limit order.

I did cancel the order in question a few seconds before (evidently not quickly enough) it executed because I changed my mind about where I wanted to buy in, I’m not sure if that contributed to the malfunction.

Execution price above stop price
the purpose of a buy limit order

Which was it?

A stop is a trigger point for market buy (give me the best price you can).

Whilst a limit is setting a maximum you would ever pay.

And a “stop limit” is both, as in trigger a limit order at this stop value.

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Good question, seems it was just me being silly.
All my previous buys of the stock in question had been limit buys, I accidentally set this one to be a stop buy for… some reason.

It’s easily done. It’s reminded me to add this: