Order executed at the wrong price


I put a buy limit order on HTZ of 5,000 shares @1.1421 but it executed @2.8023.

Well on your screenshot it states Stop order. :thinking:

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Wich means it should’ve executed at 1.1421. It could’ve also canceled the order because it was nearly 150% above the order price.

I was referring to this claim. It is obvious the order was not pure limit it was either stop order or stop limit.

It looks to be correct to me.

The app only shows the bid so I can imagine the ask was 2.80

A stop is a trigger point to create a market buy.

It triggered 1.1421 due to the gap up, and said give me your best price which was 2.80

2.80 would have been ace to go short.

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However OP claims to have set Limit order.

If indeed Stop Limit was used , limit would prevent buying at 2.8.

Thus it seems order was Stop order.

What’s the difference between limit and stop?

A stop is a trigger for a market order (give me the best)

A stop limit is a trigger for a limit order (give me this or better, or don’t execute).

Your order looks to have been a stop, which converts to a market buy which it did on open.

A normal limit buy order would have probably been preferable.

If you hadn’t been caught on a gap up then a stop of 1.1421 would get you around that if the action was moving slowly.

It didn’t give me a option to choose between stop and stop limit. I assumed it was stop limit.

How not? You have Market / Limit / Stop / Stop Limit orders when on Invest/ISA account.

By data shown here, you choose Stop order. Thus nothing executed wrong. Just a honest mistake. If you intended Limit order.

I trade on CFD.

It was just my mistake and I learned from it.