Favourite 2020 IPO - show + tell

I think we all look at IPOs from 20 yrs ago and think - I wish I could have invested in X company from the start.

To be a little bit more proactive - which IPO in 2020 gives you a feeling you might be onto a winner and will thank yourself in 20 yrs?

The only 2020 IPO I hold is Palantir.

I’ve only partaken in s few IPOs this year but the one I’m most excited about is BEKE. The Chinese real estate market is still very much bogged down by clunky traditional practices and there are a few companies spearheading the transition into an online one-stop shop, and transforming the landscape and the way the country perceives the housing industry. KE Holdings/Beike currently have the number 1 market share.

Whether that remains is anyone’s guess. I’m not sure this a 20yr champion but certainly the next 5 to 10 could be interesting given the size of the Chinese RE market and its plans for growth.

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I’m holding Workhorse and Palantir, I don’t have a big investment in them.

I’m waiting also for Luminar Technologies and Airbnb IPO.

@Ayaz You can already invest in Luminar, it’s GMHI.

@Lonelynx I thought it will be under LAZR ticker when it is launched.

It’s not an IPO, it’s a SPAC. Reverse merging with GMHI soon. Then the ticker changes to LAZR.

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@Ayaz, "Upon completion of the proposed transaction, Gores Metropoulos will change its name to Luminar Technologies, Inc. and will be listed on the Nasdaq under the new ticker symbol “LAZR”. "

@Joey_Fantana @Lonelynx Thanks, I didn’t know that, I guess I misread it.


No worries;

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Bought Unity not long after IPO. Cost basis $82.80. Believe the company has a bright future with the trends of gaming, AR/VR and the opportunity to expand into new verticals, such as architecture and construction. Stock price is too high imo but I’m in it for the long haul, so won’t sell until the thesis changes.

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This sounds like a great company! Surprise surprise BG have this in their China Growth trust :clap:t3:

I got there first! :wink:

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