Feature Request - Coinbase "Vault" equivalent

Not sure if everyone is familiar with this feature but on Coinbase you can lock certain holdings in a vault where extra steps are required to close positions etc. I feel this would be useful in t212 to mentally separate long/short term theses. Sorry if this has already been suggested.


Also, being able to add a note against a position would be great. It could be a one liner on why you’re holding that stock and rough price targets/hold durations. Then when you go to sell, it could bring up an β€œAre you sure?” style prompt with the note as a reminder of why you bought it.


This is a really cool idea imo, lots of requests from people for tagging / separating investments into categories (as opposed to using pies as some have suggested).
Your suggestion would tie in really nicely with that.

This is an awesome feature to have! If only this had been available last March I would have been a millionaire by now :blush:

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Screenshot 2021-02-12 at 13.23.47

Print this, sign it, frame it, put it on your wall.


Yes, it can be a thesis in 140 characters on why you invested in the first place.
Might be a cool feature to have.