FED meeting yesterday and What Jerome Powell said

This might send the high growth stock to be green today like it was yesterday. We have seen in the UK Trust who hold a lot of high growth stocks in their portfolio like SMT.
The CPI figure will be published today, if the inflation is higher than expected it could send back the high growth stock down again.

Powell: We probably remain in an era of very low interest rates !

Cathie Wood was right, it’s the era of tech and innovation, we need to see a strong rebound for growth stocks asap :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s only so far these central banks will be able to kick the can down the road - It will be nice to see a big sell off in value stocks so i can buy more.

Edit: oh and hopefully Boris resigns/impeached and bring about volatility to buy more UK stocks :clinking_glasses:

Inflation rises 7% over the past year, highest since 1982

It seems does not have a great impact on high growth stock today as probabl due to the figure is already anticipated. Few of high growth stocks are even up slightly.

The FED is highly likely to do a “dovish” action. Instead of rising the interest rate by 0.5% in March. The most likely possibility is 0.25%

“Powell would propose a quarter-percentage-point interest-rate increase at the central bank’s meeting in two weeks amid high inflation, strong economic demand and a tight labour market.”