Transitory inflation rates for UK 2022

Hi guys,

With the BoE expecting +7.25% inflation rate in April 2022 are there any new or different strategies members have used to take advantage or protect their portfolio’s during inflationary times ?

Various articles & news seem to indicate a transitory up/down with things calming by 2023 for the UK but I’m not sure globally.

I only have my focused approach for the next 12-18 mths -

  • Stay invested in equities
  • Use diversified commodities funds
  • Diversify Internationally
  • Invest in REITs (as real estate tends to perform well in inflationary times)

Also, I get the feeling inflation will break through 7% easily but will the BoE rate hikes really control things later in the year?


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Not changing my strategy at all, its a long game so looking past the next year or two.


yep cheers Dougal, I just keep racking my brain (always painful :wink:) if there’s anything else that could be done, cheers.

In times like this, i’ll will use minimal drip feeding as against lump sum buying. Any significant purchasing will based on when i feel Mr. Market overreacts on a news of a stock am interesting in

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No real strategy, just continue investing in profitable companies that have pricing power or ability to produce large cash flows which can opportunely be allocated. I guess my most obvious inflation hedges could be argued to be BP & Tritax Big Box REIT.

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