Fees on USD SWIFT transfer from revolut to T212 german account

I want to transfer usd from my revolut account, I see there is like a 4$ fee from revolut for the swift transfer which is acceptable but what I am not sure about is, if there are intermediary bank fees (usually when there are they are huge), asked revolut and they said they don’t know. Has anyone tried? If so, can you give me all the info possible of how it went and any tips to not pay fees?

Is it now possible to transfer in USD from Revolut to Trading 212? My base currency on Trading 212 is GBP.

I had thought this had not been. possible.

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There aren’t any fees on our end for bank transfers. However, when it comes to the intermediaries that may be involved, it will be best to reach Revolut and ask them for more information :pray:

That’s possible now, Richard :raised_hands: You can select USD as the deposit currency when initiating a bank transfer and initiate the transaction as usual using our USD bank details. Afterwards, you can trade with the USD or exchange it on our app to any other currency you’d like.

That’s great. I just did a little exploration on Revolut. The fee for sending $10,000 to Trading 212 is $2.27 (there may be intermediate fees) or $18.92 (pay all fees). The fee for $50k or any amount is the same.

I accumulate USD on Interactive Investor and normally send from there to Revolut, from which I spend or exchange to GBP. (But I think Interactive Investor would not send to Trading 212 because they require the account to be in my name.)

Looking right now, fx is a bit cheaper on Revolut than it is on Trading 212. But it is clearly better to send USD direct to Trading 212 than exchange USD to GBP (on Revolut) and then to USD (on Trading 212).

After making a USD deposit from Revolut, will I also be able to withdraw USD back to my Revolut account?

Yes, that’s possible. Once you go to the withdraw funds tab, just click on the flag in the top left corner and select the currency that you’d like to withdraw in.

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For some hints on fees:

I tried to send USD from Revolut to T212 (but I aborted). I see 2 options: Share fees (4,45 USD) or Pay all fees (33.36 USD). I know, these are not the same values as above. Maybe it changed over time. Did anyone try the share fees options and could share some values about what was deducted?