Fill price different to limit price

Can someone explain why a limit order was executed and why there’s a difference between the fill price and limit price? Surely these sound be the same?

TL;DR; Limit orders guarantee that they will execute at the specified price target OR better. In your case of a limit sell, your order executed at $0.17 better price than you have set. Hope this makes sense to you.

Thanks. Should I have used a stop limit them? Scenario was the market was going down but potentially could’ve stopped before previous lows and rebounded. I basically wanted to set a market order at the previous low

I’m not sure I understand the scenario. You wanted to trigger a market sell order should the price fall down to a certain level, is my understanding correct? If my understanding is correct, then the order type you’re looking for is ‘stop-loss’ order.

Check this URL out for the difference between a stop-loss order and a stop-limit order:, I believe it is explained short and simple.

Hope this answers your query.

Limit buy works like charm, at times when start price drops 5-10% i trigger 2 limits one set at 5% othet at 10%, however both are bought at 10% drop. So I cannot complain, I use limit buy all the time…

Works also great in volatile times, where I got better price then graph shows…