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Hi T212
I have just sold my inverse apple etf and it filled at 8.0075 when the sell price at the time was 8.25. this is a huge spreada and had cost me 3%, I try to keep my losses small and this Is an unacceptable difference and makes me unlikely to put large amounts into my trades

I have noticed major price differences between the prices here and literally everywhere else - if I check the price of a ticker on yahoo, stocktwits and MyStocks(mobile app) AND on the site of NASDAQ all 4 have the same price at the given moment, however here the price is different. At this very moment Charles Schwab Corporation Common Stock - SCHW is at 83.26 at close on every other place I checked, but here is 83.23 for the holidays weekend.
No hate, I would genuinely like to know where this difference is coming from and what is the real price.

As a fellow user, the prices on 212 are indicative, as with most other brokers.

Some sources quote last traded (can be market close or after hours), bid, ask, or mid.

I think the prices in the 212 app now are last traded, which hopefully is not used for price alerts or order triggers as the variance can be huge and not reflective of the market activity on the day.

In terms of real price, they are all valid and it all depends on what price you want to use, to what source you want to look at.

For me personally, you want to see the ask price of looking to buy, bid to value your portfolio / sell, and anything else is just a bonus if you want to see them as well. As a result I now double check bid/ask on the exchange rather than the 212 app which is a bit more of a faff for me that 212 have created since recent changes.


Also, stock prices websites providers give delayed quotes with different time delays (site refreshing rate also influence and other IT related issues), and it depends also from the data providers they use. If site A and B use the same data provider is expected that the prices shown are similar.

Additional info on quotes:

Quote Levels

  • Level 1 quotes provide basic price data for a security including the best bid and ask price + size on each side.
  • Level 2 quotes provide more information than Level 1 quotes by adding market depth. Level 2 shows market depth typically up to the 5-10 best bid and offer prices.
  • Level 3 quotes add greater market depth by providing up to 20 of the best bid and ask prices. Users can also input data directly. These are primarily used by brokers and market makers.
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Leveraged products and/or iliquid/low trading volume products and/or volatile products/markets provoke a more wider price spreads.

Also to take in account, are the counterparties, e.g. market makers (less MMs or less MM activity, mean less entities willing to buy/sell, worse prices, transactional difficulties).

If you use market orders, there is no guarantee what will the execution price be, except it is the best price as that point. If you want to avoid the rapid price fluctuation, use Limit orders.