Trading 212 app just bought the AMC stock at a totally different price than it currently was on

Hi, I bought AMC stock at 15:10 GMT. the price at the time was in the $14 range. However, when I bought it and scrolled down to see the average price it says $15.50. What happened here as the stock did not reach $15:50 based on the price graph around that time? and can I please get a refund on the price difference?

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Expand your chart, go to candles view and 1min chart.

I’m seeing 15.49 was the highest trade that happened.

(15:11 is 15:10 just how its counted)

@techpaper also to note the app shows the indicate ASK.

I’m assuming based on the impact on brokers atm you saw an old ASK a few seconds before it changed into the next candle. If you are placing market orders it’ll go through at whatever the best ask/bid is at the time. Risky on something volatile like AMC or GME. The prices shown in the app are irrelevant.

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Same happened with my AMC stocks they were on $5.50 a share pre market which I ordered at, once I was let back onto 212 it put me in at $15 a share! Wtf completely ruining the profitability of the share and now I’m down money

Market orders are filled at the best price available when placed, in times of high volatility the price can be significantly different from what you see. That’s a known fact of market orders, and that’s what Limit orders are for.

Use a limit order rather than a market order for such a volatile share.

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That’s not how stocks work. You can’t put in a market order in when it’s in premarket and then expect to get that same price on open.

If you think about it why would you get a price from the past? :sweat_smile:

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I agree!

It is absolutely appalling that in today’s day and age it is expected from us to be aware of all stock market mechanisms in order to double our money in a single day.

I was expecting to buy stonk for 100$ at random beginning of day, by end of day t212 sends me check for 200$…

I was deceived and I expect rectification for this injustice done to my profit. I was not able to double my money today!!