Filter and sort in ios app

It would be great if you could filter and sort the stock that I have live on the iOS app.

Things I’d like to filter or sort:

Filter - only show trades that are in an open market

Sort - biggest to smallest investment, longest held, biggest/lowest %age wise


I was also going to add request for those features. at least sort by investment is necessary. I am trying out with multiple portfolios, I have more than 50 stocks. this option will be very helpful.

Also show daily stock change% movements (as a toggle), because the portfolio view only shows profit/loss from purchase.

Only way to see a list of daily movements screener is via watchlist, but A) 40 per watchlist isn’t nearly enough B) it’s only useful for this purpose if you don’t trade often and either own <40 stocks, or actively maintain the watchlist of owned stocks.

Yes! Being able to see the Daily change would be great! @Team212 any idea if any of these features are on the roadmap?

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