Filters - Sorting - Search

Issue - currently imposible to scroll thru the never ending list when i am interested in a particular stock market

Will be great to have the below in the All Instruments and all its sub categories.

  1. Filter by Stock market
  2. Filter by insturement price range
  3. Ability to sort after filter
  4. Ability to search 2 and /or 3
  5. Filter by Change %

Absolutely! It’s so frustrating to have these simple non-UX-friendly lists !

We will definitely be adding filters to the search screen. I’ll post updates when we get to that. Here is a preview of how filters will most likely look like.


My god that looks awesome! Can’t wait.

Hi George,
Thank you for the quick response, i am hoping that will be on the web as well not just the mobile.

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Looks great, hopefully more useful filters are added.


Filter by industry/sector. Dividend yield, dividend growth, EPS growth etc. :slight_smile:

Filter by Valuations like PE, closest to 52 week high/low or similar filters are most useful for long term investing.

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George, that includes countries that we currently cannot access! :earth_africa:
Hopefully that means that they are coming soon :smiley:
Either way it’s good news because it means that the platform caters for its future expansion to other markets.

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Looks great just thinking about this, what is the ETA?