Filter small positions

I would like to filter out small positions from the positions list as these are some garbage which I also do not want to liquidate. By “small” position I mean e.g. < 20$ but maybe it can be customizable.

An alternative would be to have a “sort” option for the portfolio list with options of sorting alphabetically or by holding value thus small positions would be at the end of the portfolio list but it would then also mean that the list isn’t alphabetical. Another sort option could be return%

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Adding my suggestions:

  • Filters between stocks and ETFs
  • Filters to hide/unhide individual positions
  • Filters by year of purchase (more granular filters could be by month)
  • Filters by country (ISIN code could be a helper in this)
  • Filters by stock exchange
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On the web app, it’s possible to sort the option positions by different criteria :point_down:


We understand that implementing such filters for the mobile app will enhance the experience, so we’ll consider the suggestion.

@Bogi.H where are you looking on the web platform that looks nothing like my screen?

Hi, @WakeMeUp - Bogi’s chart showcases a portfolio using the Advanced View mode.

You can switch to it by clicking on the arrow next to the Home button and selecting the advanced view option. Afterwards, the page will refresh, and you’ll be able to sort your investments using the different tabs.


Thank you @Momchil.G I had thought the home page essentially displayed the watchlists and charts. I hadn’t paid much attention to the list in the lower middle partly because it was showing alerts rather than portfolio.

It contains a lot more info and is great but the problem that I seem to have is that it is highly unresponsive/slow to load and display data. Also I find it extremely annoying that I click on a company in the portfolio list (lower middle of screen) and it displays the company info in a popup rather than the panel on the right (which is only connected to the chart panel (which isn’t connected to the portfolio panel). As I say, the biggest issue (on a first quick! look) is the latency and unresponsiveness (I have ultra fast direct connect fibre broadband and an ultra high spec PC and don’t have problems on other platforms - IBKR, ii, AJ Bell… the unresponsiveness only happens with T212)

It would be good if you could connect chart, right info panel and portfolio company selection (perhaps like IBKR do with their link groups)

A further comment about website responsiveness. I was just trying to take a look at the home page layout and wanted to create/move a sell order. In the home page I clicked on the company in the portfolio list, waited for the popup to open and deleted the existing sell order (I wanted to change the limit price so needed to delete and create a new order) and clicked sell. After a few (maybe 3) minutes it still hadn’t opened the popup to create the order. I refreshed the page and went to the portfolio view (the pie icon on the far left menu) and selected the company, clicked sell, popup appears, create the order and click review order… all responsive and quick.

I’ve been convinced for a long time that the code for the web platform has an underlying bug or problem that over time slows it down until it grinds to a halt (consistent with a memory leak type problem). The home page view is terrible and quickly becomes highly unresponsive

Appreciate the detailed feedback :pray:

We’re working on a complete overhaul of the web app that will match the interface and features of our mobile and tablet apps. Once this is rolled out, the described issues will be fixed, and the performance as a whole will be much better.

Adding potential new filters:

Hide/unhide Rights (e.g. CVR) and other Corporate Acts Instruments. As some are non-tradeable instruments and we can’t do nothing with them, so better to hide them instead of occupying our portfolio tray (an investor option). :wink:

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Interesting suggestions @RLX … Happy “Cake day”! :smiley:

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Thanks EI! :sunglasses:

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