Portfolio Filters & Portfolio lists

It would be nice to be able to filter portfolio’s based on
Ex: Country (US/UK/DE/etc.,)
Ex: Type of Instrument (Stock/ETF/Bond,/Etc.,)

To have multiple tabs for Portfolio similar to watchlists so that user can put those portfolio in the required section to track.
Ex: All stocks, Portfolio list1, list2, etc.,


yes, lists under portfolio so you can separate long term investments from short term. I was just thinking this actually

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Great suggestion. Would like to see this also.

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any ideas on if this is in the pipeline? @David @Team212 id @team

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I think this would be a great idea. That way you could even split up a portfolio based on risk, or even short term and long term positions

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I was searching to see if others had thought of this. I’m quite organised so having my long term, short term, high risk, and low risk investments in the same place bothers me. Not only that but you can’t even organise them is any particular order, they’re just all over the place.

I’d highly recommend giving us the ability to make different folders, in which we could organise those stocks in any particular order, for example, having stocks with the largest investments at the top. I’ve got my Vanguard Global ETF in between Tesla and Amazon, it drives me crazy :joy:

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yes! . I know how you feel; I hate having all of them mixed up in one big list with no organisation.

How do we raise the profile of this feature? @Joey_Fantana Can you help? :stuck_out_tongue:

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@CavanHaganInvesting linked a response above - I’d add your support to the idea in that thread as a start.


I think this and the ability to add/remove/move stocks between groups would kill 2 of my biggest bug bears with the app.

any news on this? Can’t manager all my investments in one list under portfolios…need some organisation…
There’s not even an option to order ot sort it

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@Team212 Any update on this?

Also would be handy to see the daily % gain next to each holding. Maybe even can be a quick tap and show below, but just to get an idea without having to fully open that stock up

I would very much like to filter or sort by stocks in the green or red, or worst performing or best performing. etc as well as the above mentioned suggestions.

Being able to group certain stocks together, would be good too. So I can Expand or Collapse groups and check on certain groups/sectors etc and maybe have some totals for the group on gain/loss/fx