[Fractional Request] Diverse Stocks

Hello T212 Team,

on following stocks a fractional option would be nice, so one can use them in pies…

  1. Hamborner REIT - HAB
  2. TAG Immobilien - TEG
  3. Fresenius - FRE
  4. Fuchs Petrolub SE - FPE3
  5. Draegerwerk - DRW3
  6. British American Tobacco - BTI
  7. Novartis - NVS
  8. BB Biotech - BION

Looking forward


Don’t know if it’s any help but just to point out that the underlying UK and Swiss listings of two of those (BATS and NOVN) are already fractional. Novartis is a great company, if only for inventing a wonderous drug that literally keeps me and many thousands of others with cancer alive.

Out of interest – anyone know if there is any advantage to owning an ADR over the underlying company? I’ve always gone direct unless it’s unavailable, assuming that’s likely the better option. Anyone able to walk me through the pros and cons?

@topher as you rightly point out only 2 of them are available in other markets.

I decided to keep my portfolio in USD for me, that way all my trading times are at the same time and i stay in USD and do not have the issue with all the currency conversion. But unfortunately, that doesn’t work with all of them…but i prefer to keep it at a minimum.

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sometimes ADRs have different taxes. For example BNS: US listed version only has 15% withholding and the canada listed (original listing) has 25% withholding



Good Morning Trading 212 Team,

any news on these ? I’d really like to have these in my pies :wink:


Hey there @femo66, :wave:

We’ve now added these stocks as fractional and you’ll be able to see them available in a bit.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

@L.D GREAT !!!
have added them to my pies :smiley: