Fractional shares for next list

Can I pls ask the following shares to be made fractional please:

  1. Veeva VEEV
  2. Smartsheets SMAR
  3. Five9 FIVN
  4. Illumina ILMN
  5. Gogo GOGO
  6. Redfin RDFN
  7. OLED
  8. Cameco CCJ
  9. Yellow Cake YCA
  10. UUUU
  11. NXE
  12. UEC
  13. URG

Thank you!

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fortinet, panw, arista and roche too

@Martin I would be grateful if these can be made fractional pls - they were requested over 2 weeks ago but not sure what is happening with fractional shares , seems to have all slowed down will be good to have as many as possible requested in fractions for the AutoInvest pies - an update would be appreciated! @Martin @David

@Martin hi Martin, an update on this today would be much appreciated pls!