Fractional + New shares request

hi team, thought i’d create this exclusive (for me, just kidding!!) post to list out a few requests as i get deeper into creating some serious pies.

appreciate this is a long list and you guys are working on quite a few things but if you could slowly start picking away from the list below and tag me know when available, it would be greatly appreciated. @George - just tagging you to get someone from your team’s attention. thank you :slight_smile: pretty please!!


  1. Wayfair (W)
  2. MarketAxess (MKTX)
  3. Illumina (ILMN)
  4. Bechtle (BC8)
  5. Delivery Hero (DHER)
  6. ZScaler (ZS)
  7. Paylocity holding (PCTY)
  8. Paycom (PAYC)
  9. Workday (WDAY)
  10. Everbridge (EVBG)
  11. Servicenow (NOW)

Stock requests (+Fractional):

  1. The Trade Desk (TTD - NASDAQ)
  2. Prosus (PRX - AMS)
  3. Avanza Bank (AZA - STO)
  4. NIBE (NIBE-B - STO)
  5. Atlas Copco (ATCO-A - STO)
  6. Xero (XRO - ASX)

no love here? :frowning:

@David - see if this catches your eye. like everyone else, need these for the pies, especially given pay day is nigh and i’d like to rejig my pies on pay day to get the best out of them

thank you :slight_smile:


any updates on this team? @Martin

ok, seeing as that you’re helping some others with their requests, i’ll try tagging you buddy @Tony.V. sorry if this is a nuisance but i mention the reason in my post.

thank you :slight_smile:

I know some of them have been added, so thank you for those

You literally have to keep on them mate there so busy, I’ve had many stock request with no reply, they can only do so much I’ve learnt that, just gotta bite the bullet and take a hit sometimes is in our favour tho so can’t complain!

Tag David team 212 or I think george i just tag him so more people haha

haha, i know i know. while i do want my requests to get sorted, i do realise i’m not their only customer. so i try and remind them every week or so. don’t want to be a pain at the end of the day, they have a life too. i’ve seen some people go ballistic on these forums about this and i genuinely don’t want to be one of them.

but thanks for giving me a little traction :wink:


I remind them every 10 minutes. It’s money at the end of the day we’re investors they gotta be on the ball so I don’t think they mind and probz can just ignore it not like it’s like pinging away