Free cash small difference with what it should be

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
So, today I have a problem, which I noticed as soon as I did a few transactions but I’m only now getting to finding a solution.

My free funds (cash) is a few cents off from what I get when I add/subtract all transactions in my account… I should have, from what the transaction amounts say, xx,71 cash left, but my free funds says xx,64. The amounts were different, but even after the first deposit - stock purchase - then withdrawal of left overs, it was already off (if I remember correctly it was like 2 cents then).

By the way, I contacted support a while ago and got nothin’ in response, so if anyone else knows why it is like this, please help me :sweat_smile:

I have noticed that such calculations often show up a 0.01 difference. This particularly happens when buying and selling shares in a different currency. Internal accounting of T212 is done to more decimal places than those reported in the History tab, where costs are often truncated at 2 decimal places. You might think you had two transactions at costs of 10.01, and 10.02 and be surprised when your free funds drop by 20.04 and so conclude that 0.01 disappeared… This is because the two purchases actually cost 10.0144 and 10.0261.


Well, maybe they could offer the same precision to us as their internal accounting ? I’d like such a feature !

@zyfihx I don’t see a few cents difference, just 0.01, which is due to what @Richard.W referenced.

I don’t think it would be nice to have your account balance & every transaction in the app displayed with a large precision (like 4-5 digits after the decimal point) just to solve a missing penny.

By the way we will push an update over the weekend which will account for the “missing” penny :slight_smile:


Great ! So we’ll have, in the details of each transaction, access to the most precise amount ?

No, the precision will remain the same. We will fix the issue that causes the 1 penny display difference in some accounts.

So… I don’t understand what this 1 penny display difference problem is then, if it’s not what I have !

I mean it’s not a big problem, it’s just weird. To me Trading212 is like a bank, and not having transaction amount details accessible is strange when it doesn’t add up… How do other banks do currency conversions while keeping the totals coherent with individual amounts ?

I am not aware of a bank that displays your transactions with a precision higher than a penny. We do all calculations with very high precision, including currency conversion.

I’ll refer to my previous post - after the weekend everything in your account will add up.

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Ok then, perfect ! :grin: Will it change some of the previous transactions displayed amount ?

Banks basically robe you when doing FX rate. I would gladly “lose” 0.01$/£/€ to T212…

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I think banks always round end results for the smallest currency subdivision, whether upward or downward, which allows for balances to always add up. And I believe this is the correct way to do it, even if it causes discrepancies outside the client’s domain.

Whereas Trading 212’s balance is calculated with more precision and rounded only for display purposes. In that case in the history all values should have the precision used in the calculations, otherwise it’s impossible to have a personal record with all values adding up.

@George I don’t see how you’ll fix the issue without displaying the full precision or rounding the end result of every transaction. Monday I’ll check then.

Just to update you - we needed some more time for testing and decided to delay the fix until next weekend.


Has the update been pushed now ? :slight_smile: I still seem to add things up differently than what is displayed :wink:

Yes, the update has been pushed.

If your account value still holds an additional 1p that’s because you have older positions. They still rely on the pre-update value calculation. When you eventually sell those older holdings your account value will match exactly the sum of your portfolio value and the account’s free funds.

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