Cash/free fund history

Hi everyone,

Can anyone please tell me where I can find the statement of my cash or free fund history? The recent Tesla/Apple split prompted me to ask for the necessity of balance history as you would if you held a bank account. Without it, it is nearly impossible to track how much you have deposited and how much you have sold in case of dispute.

Yes. I am also a new user and wanted to find a way to get the cash transaction history and balance. Is there a way to get it?

If you go to Menu> History, on All tab you have total returns. On Transactions tab, you have full history of deposit and withdrawal of cash funds.

Yes. But the ‘All’ tab doesn’t give the running total of balance free funds after each order is filled or dividend money received. Do we have anything like that?

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Thanks for your reply.
I know the history tabs, but it’s just messy and doesn’t give you the balance you need after each action. All we need is something like a bank-statement like Balance sheet where the money ins and outs are clearly stated. All we need is transparency and clarity from T212.

if you mean something like this:

it is (i think) called a ledger and does not exist in T212. Would be lovely to have one though


Thanks for your reply. Exactly - where did you get yours?

its an open source software called portfolio performance

I use a slightly modified version of the script in attached topic to import T212 contract notes to PP

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Thanks for your explanation.
In my opinion, T212 should provide their own official statement for its customers. So in the event of dispute, there’s evidence to be based on. It should be a very fundamental feature as a financial product, shouldn’t it?