French IT: Neurones, Infotel and Devoteam


I would like to request these 3 mid-cap French IT & Digital consultancies with very strong balance sheets (the first 2) and high growth (the last one):

-Neurones: NRO (Google Ticker - EPA: NRO)
-Infotel: INF (Google Ticker - EPA: INF)
-Devoteam: DVT (Google Ticker - EPA: DVT)

The 3 of them are listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, which is part of Euronext.
I have included the Ticker according to the Euronext website as well as the Google Ticker to aid with the search. Please let me know if you need any more information such as the ISIN number.

Thank you.

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Hi @Team212, if possible please add these :slight_smile:.