Fundamental Analysis of Tesla - TSLA

I failed to enter the market with my limit order, so I placed a market order and entered 0.787 EUR

Well that was a let down. First my generous limit order didn’t fill, then T212 didn’t update the ticker until 6 minutes after market open! By then the stock had already moved 20%. To top it off a price target upgrade to $1800 and a new semi deal with Pepsi.

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My short Tesla 3x (3STE) will pay out tomorrow morning at the LSE opening :stuck_out_tongue:


Crazy that it’s still up 32% for the month!


How is what Elon doing not market manipulation. Whole things a joke, I hate that man child. He’s a giant autistic teletubby.


I am not a big fan of Elon Musk too
This guy play too much manipulating peoples.

plus the fact that this guy have zero consideration for his employees does not make him the model of entrepreneur that I admire.

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I don’t know a lot about x3 short stocks but I have just invested in this now just to make up for the loss I have made on Tesla. I have read the that they are not good for the long term.

When would you advise that would be the best time to sell before it drops?

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it is not that they are good or bad for long term but that keeping them for long term implie Beta-Slippage (or compounding impact)… which can be good on a trendy market and bad on trading range. More information here: Compounding Impact

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I cannot give any advice :frowning:

I wouldn’t be confident shorting at this price, but $1200 was a given. It’s unclear what the current support will be.

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Wouldn’t DCA offset the bad trading range?

I have read throughout this post and haven’t seen anybody comment the obvious:

Toyota Corolla is the most sold vehicle worldwide. It cost about 25000$.
Tesla chepeast car costs 50000$ and prices keep going up.

I don’t know what people think, but the reality is that only a minority can afford spending 50000$ on a car that drives 300km. When Tesla will run out of medium to high class people they will see a downturn quicker than everybody is expecting.

Yes they will launch a 25000$ vehicle like they were supposed to launch M3 at 35000$.

The only thing driving the stock up is hype.

They are intentionally raising the price of their cars because the demand is far exceeding the supply. So much so that they don’t even need to give Hertz any kind of special volume order deal, which is unheard of.

Their cost of production per vehicle will continue to fall, and their profits per vehicle due to economy of scale and efficiency will continue to go up once the 2 gigafactories come online, as well as the continued reduction in battery costs.

Once they meet the 6 month back orders, if demand is met they may well lower prices again, however they won’t run out of people buying, as each year the addressable ev market is growing faster than demand as the world transitions due to climate fears, tighter ice regulations, ev cost parity and rising petrol prices.

They are executing perfectly on their plans.


We already know the story of Jim Chanos, David Einhorn, Michael Burry shorting Tesla ending badly.
Another sad ending story from another Tesla shorsellers Mark Spiegel.

Cramer might be right, we’re in 1998 so let’s see :man_shrugging:t2:

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Another Stock split speculated for 9/12/21, based on cryptic twitter posts by Elon.

Don’t know if i believe it myself, but there is precedent from him doing this stuff in the past, like the last stock split.

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I’m still holding, who’s with me?


All the people who bought for the long term (me) are most probably still holding.

At least for another 5 years. Plus adding regulary.