Funding a pie from account funds?

Hi all.

I have just started an ISA account and deposited some money, planning to put it as a lump sum into a pie.
It seems I can only fund a pie directly from a bank account and not free funds in my 212 account, which of course I didn’t know.
Is there any way to fund a pie using account funds? Or do I have to now withdraw the money and start again? Waiting for the money to reach my account in order to do so… :man_facepalming:t4:

Definitely does not work like this on the Invest Account. Although I have yet to try the ISA Option.

Thanks for the reply. Annoyingly I suspected I’d done it the wrong way round!

in both Invest and ISA you can use the free funds in your account to fund a pie manually, you just cannot automate the funding from free funds yet.

you can also purchase the shares manually, and then import those shares into your pie afterwards.