Use free funds to invest in pie – not working

I currently have (e.g.) €100 of free funds in my T212 account. I’d like to use these to manually contribute to one of my Pies, but whenever I try to do this, it just transfers from my credit card through which the auto-invest is set-up. Can anyone confirm that manual investments do not tap into free funds of T212 account?

Goto you pie. Click deposit and enter the amount of money you want to move from your free funds into your pie.

If the amount is higher than the amount in free funds, you have to deposit more.

I dont get that option to deposit - just Invest/Withdraw. I have £25 invested already, sat as Free Funds. But seemingly unable to use it. I did invest in 20 stocks in my Pie which all sit at £0. Thought I must add that I had a contract 12 hours ago showing I’d bought 3 of them. But they dont show up anywhere, and Free Funds untouched. Not sure what is going on!

Click the Invest/Withdraw button. Then fill in the amount you want to move from your free funds into your pie. That is all you have to do. Orders are placed automatically and you get a notification when they are executed.

See, when I DO that, I only get the options to invest more money from bank, apple pay etc. No mention of the Free Funds sat twiddling their thumbs. If I type in ANY figure at all from £1 to £25 to invest it says “not enough money in here!” And asks for more. Maybe there ISNT enough, I dont know, maybe it thinks it has that in its pocket for when the market opens again - but even with bank holidays and such like I’d have thought it would have had a spare moment or two over the last week. We’ll see on Monday perhaps.

I asked them about this and they said every time you automatically deposit money into your pie you have to rebalance it for the funds to be invested.