Funding account with Euros?

Is it possible to fund an Invest account with Euros or have both currencies EUR and GBP ?

I have some spare EUR and I’d like to invest them but without having to exchange them for another currency.


Asking as it’s stated that you can deposit GBP EUR and USD… but can’t see an option somewhere to deposit EUR in my Invest account. Only GBP.

Is it possible to create a second account in EUR ? (I’m an UK resident so not sure if that’s hard locked to GBP)

Please let me know @David and thanks for all your help so far.

you can only have a single account, and this means all your money needs to be in the same currency. a multicurrency account feature has already been requested but is not yet being looked at for implementation.

Is it possible to change it ? Change just the Invest account to

Unfortunately you will need to close your current account and open a new one with the prefered currency

ok is it not possible to have two user accounts then ? Registered with two emails ? I think that would do for now.

No it is not allowed to have 2 accounts