Different Currencies in Invest Account

I believe it is a good idea to have the option of converting Euro to a different currency when the rate is advantageous. This amount will then be kept in that currency to be used for trading other stocks, example, when exchanging from Euro to USD at the optimal time, and then using the USD to buy US stocks. The dividends will then be paid in USD as well, that way a DRIP will eliminate the factor of currency exchange.


I would absolutely love it if I could sell my US stocks and the funds go into a US portion of my portfolio and then I can choose when to convert back to pound. I have some stocks that are a couple hundred down on the FX I’d rather not have taken out of the return and either reinvest or change back when the dollar isn’t so shit :grimacing:


Exactly! Totally understandable

This would be so useful and Save converting currencies every time I sell and then buy new stock.

There is a topic for this feature. Dated to December 2019. So better show support in the topic, rather then dilute over several topics.

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Didn’t show up when I was posting. I did a search before :man_shrugging: