Funds not transferred to bank

Hi. I withdrew money from my invest to my personal bank. It’s been 2.5 days. Still funds not a available. What’s going on?

It can take a few working days.
You will get the money by the end of the week I would assume.

3-5 working days is normal - it took this for mine to come back earlier this year.

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If it was ‘a lot’ say over £10k it can take a few days.

Have you had the notification drying the money is on its way?

Takes 4/5 working days ! Don’t panic !

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Lastly - if you check the payment in T212 it might say “pending”. or something like “verifying”.
Nothing to worry over either - it just means they are working on it.

I know when I did mine I thought … “why is it pending?” - but it was just like the systems way of saying it’s working on it. :slight_smile:

Yep, I pulled £6k down this week. The largest single withdrawal being £3k. Made the request on the 24th had the money on the 25th.

It seemed to be automatically approved, where as larger amounts seem to sit around longer, presumably waiting for a human to check.

May I ask how long a withdrawal usually takes? Requested one on the 24th but nothing happened yet.

I can’t move this post but have a look at this other topic…

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It takes up to 2-3 business days for us the process a withdrawal.


Thanks Tony, appreciated.

Can I ask why funds being transfered in is near instant (15 mins maybe) but transfers out take 3 days, seems a bit mad these days tbh… Will this change / improve in the future?