Fundsmith equity class i

Please add fundsmith not sure it this can be added would be nice please and thank you.

This is not yet a type of investment that T212 carries, but they have mentioned that to offer OEIC funds is on their roadmap.

Hi Richard hope all is well what about

What’s the reason for this?

I’m not sure what it is you are asking. I don’t know of the fund this link takes me to.

Castlefield CFP SDL UK Buffettology Fund Institutional Income Shares

Is a strong performer, I don’t know is this could be added.

That looks to also be a OEIC fund. T212 presently only offers stocks, ETFs and investment trusts.

Oh sorry Richard, I don’t know the difference between them. Thought they was one and the same.

Just noticed it’s really disappointing they aren’t following the competition, FreeTrade have added Fundsmith so I have invested there for now untill they can add it.

I don’t see any Fundsmith Equity I on Freetrade. They have Fundsmith FEET, which is an entirely different thing, an investment trust for emerging markets. That could be provided by Trading 212. But FEET has had a disappointing track record to date. I hope you did not buy that by mistake.

The investment trust with better past performance from Fundsmith is Smithson SSON, which you can find on Trading 212.