GBP/EUR pair not available?

I would be glad if you could add the GBP/EUR pair (and other /EUR pairs). There are virtually none on the platform - do they exist at all? I read that it’s one of most volatile pairs at the moment:

I’m new to this, so please correct me if I’m getting something wrong.

Since I have a EUR account and I’d like to start trading FX I think that it would be better for me to use Euro denominated pairs and not to have to pay 0,5 conversion fee.

They have loads? About 22 in for EUR

For instance: they have two combinations: GBP/USD and USD/GBP - the latter one is priced in pounds (if you have a GBP-funded account this is practical, I think).
Whereas there are only EUR/USD, EUR/GBP etc combinations available, which is priced in dollars, pounds… and none in euros.
Is my question clearer now? I.e., is it at all sensible or viable to have a forex trading account funded in euros? I’m a novice, so… I’d appreciate any explanations.

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Yeah sorry I don’t trade Forex I assumed there would be an opposite GBP/EUR but can’t see it.