More GBP ETF's (rather than USD)

Since there is now a FX charge, anyone think there should be a more concentrated effort to add GBP currency ETF’s rather than their USD & EUR equivalents moving forward? (E.G. VanEk Video Games ETF only available in foreign currency variations)

Thank you


make sense… these fees start to add up


Do you think that EUR investors don’t deserve also to have the ETFs on their currency?

The same way you are suggesting GBP ETFs, so are others investors suggesting EUR ETFs.

The FX fees affects all of us.

All of us deserve ETFs in local currencies, without any discrimination.

There are also investors, UK and Europeans, with USD accounts. They also need USD ETFs.

Note: By the way, there are more GBP ETFs and Stocks in T212 than EUR ETFs and Stocks.

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@AJ93 not all ETFs are available in GBP in the first place. as such you will naturally only see their USD or EUR denominated versions.

if you want an ETF in a different currency, just add it to the active request topic with evidence proving it exists and where (has to be a supported exchange with enough liquidity).

there will not be a move to favour 1 group over another at this point in time.


@Dao Thanks, I sent some of my requests