Geiger Counter Ltd (GCL)

Could you please add Geiger Counter Ltd (ISIN GB00B15FW330). Ticker GCL (LON)

Thank you.

Hey @brkofi :wave:

The instrument is not available on IB, yet if that changes we’ll make sure to let you know.

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There was a response on this on yesterday’s IPO post;

@B.E not sure if you have a direct link with IBKR to get items added to their universe…?

Oh apologies, I just confirmed it too. My bad - I’ll edit my post above so we can avoid any further confusion.

In reference to the above :point_up: , maybe this can help: Add missing stocks to IB to trade on 212 - #7 by B.E


Big help. Thanks @B.E :+1:t2:

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