Pls add #GTC Getech

Please can Getech #gtc be added and fractional pls? It’s UK lse listed


@David @MihailM @Rumen @Y.M @S.K

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@B.E was the like to indicate this is being added today? :grimacing::relaxed:

Hey @Alpha_bandit

Unfortunately, Getech Group/GTC is not available with IBKR and we cannot add it on the platform yet.

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Thanks for checking. I appreciate how quickly you check & add :+1:t3:

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Oh man soo gutted. Really wanted this stock. Looks like 212 needs to step up their game by missing the companies of the future

Agree, it sucks that they are limited to stocks available on IB, but equally its how we get access to what we have for what we pay.

Thats why multiple brokers help :slight_smile: