GEO group stock


Please add GEO. NYSE stock exchange.

(The GEO Group inc)

Many thanks

Miha H.

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Sure this used to be on. It’s the prison REIT right?

This already appears to be available:

It is available since January

If this stock is available for almost 7 months, why people ask for it to be added? People don’t search first in T212, if it already exists? :flushed:

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I’m not sure if there are some different instruments available to new users temporarily. Quite a few people have asked for ETFs…

There should be primary search / sort by the ticker. Company is listed as last in search result.

Some are US ETFs (not eligible to be added in T212). Other are UCITS ETFs that are missing, mainly EUR-denominated ETFs.

Searching by ticker could have several stocks & ETFs listed. It’s better to do an ISIN search, filter by currency and by stock exchange.

Sorry my bad.

In search if you put in ticker GEO it appears as last search.

The GEO group comes as first search

Many thanks.