Gold and Silver Stocks Request

Hello, Newbie here, I would like to request the addition of a few gold and silver stocks ranging from a Major, some Juniors and some emerging producers.

American Stocks NYSE and NASDAQ

B2gold Corp (BTG)

Alacer Gold (SSRM)
Endeaver Silver Corp (EXK)
Fortuna Silver (FSM)

Alexco Resource Corp (AXU)
EMX Royalty Corp (EMX)

Canadian TSX

Argonaut Gold (AR)
Endeaver Mining (EDV)
Premier Gold Mines (PG)

Sabina Gold & Silver (SBB)
Cascadero Copper (CCD)
Mexican Gold (MEX)

Plus Uranium Participation Corp (U)

Much Appreciated if you can get some of these.


Hi im a newbie too vased in the UK so would like some feedback too.

I’ve been looking at the following gold and mining stocks:

Centamin (CEY)
Hochchilds mining (HOC)
Anglo-American (AAL)
Rio Tinto (Rio)

any help will be much appreciated. Im just starting out.

I second all the recommendations above! can we add also:
Pure Gold Mining Inc. (LRTNF)
Desert Mountain Energy Corp. (DMEHF)

pls @Team212 @David

Hi @Moondog, unfortunately T212 does not currently have access to stocks listed on Canadian exchanges.