Gold / Mining / Resource stocks for investing please!


Please could you look into adding;- (Mostly AIM/GBX penny stocks.)

ALBA (ALBA Mineral Resources)
SOLG (Sol gold)
UFO (Alien metals)
ARV (Artemis Resources)
SVE (Starvest)
EUA (Eurasia Mining)
EEE (Empire Metals)
ECR (ECR Minerals)
GUN (Gunsynd)
WSBN (Wishbone Gold)
WATR (Water Intelligence)

also added EMH (European Metals Holdings)

also added PRIM (Primorus Investments)

also added THOR (Thor Mining)

also added OMI (Orosur Mining)

I really don’t want to leave my T212 ISA for these…

Thankyou :slight_smile:


Another vote for Alien Minerals and Artemis

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I second the above, particularly WSBN.


EUA, UFO and ARV for me please. Lots of developments going on with these companies at the moment

All of the above please. As soon as you can.

OMG we are missing out on some huge gains all over the place - including SVE.

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Alba is one I would like to see on hear

Another vote for Alba

+1 for ALBA would be great if this could be added this week

Would be particularly keen for GUN to be added please…?


+1 for $GUN please (20 characters)


@David @George @PeterA @Martin any chance we can get these added :pray:

Another vote for GUN (Gunsynd) :+1:


Hi all

It looks like they added ALBA on the sly on Friday!

I’ve just got in. None of the rest are on yet thought it seems?

I bought some on a different Broker last week (Managed to get in on some nice gains)
Have also bought some today in my Trading212 ISA… Was a pleasant surprise to see they had added them.

Would be interested in those

Would be interested in some of these stocks.

Just want to try and bump for GUN to be added, please.


Thanks for adding Alba, any chance of another quick addition for UFO (Alien metals) @David?

Another vote for UFO (Alien Metals) @David. Thanks!

Looks interesting, pls add