Please add Alba Mineral Resources (ALBA)

Hello :slight_smile:

Just wondered if we could get Alba Mineral Resources (ALBA) added please?

Keen to move on this quickly if possible.



Any news on this! BBC just broke the story re their prospecting in Wales.

I dare say the Alba ship may already be sailing if it can’t be added quickly.

I’ve already bought some through another broker as I’m finding more and more often that the stocks I want aren’t with T212.

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Hopefully the guys at T212 will add this next week. I’m looking to add to my portfolio but only on this at the moment. I’ll hold fire for a week before deciding what to do! Cheers…

Also hope this will be added soon

Please can we get this added so I can add to portfolio. Don’t want to miss the boat that is already halfway out the harbour…

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Same situation here my friend. Love trading212 and the service they provide, but if there is one thing they could improve it would definitely be the amount of stocks and the speed with which they add requested stocks.

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+1 Pretty please T212 for ALBA

Any update on adding Alba anytime soon. Would love to still get in at 0.2 befor any other rise.

Thank You

Still waiting for an update on this one. One of the stocks that I’d love to own and don’t want to have to use another broker to get it.
Any Trading212 staff that can get this fast tracked? There is clear desire for it here.

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Freetrade now have this on their plus account. Please act and get it up here T212. Thanks

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Oddly enough, I’ve stumbled upon this stock on T212 ISA just now ! It’s available !

Excellent, looks like it’s on! Thanks team :+1:t3:

Better late then never, this was 0.15 when first requested and now 0.42 which is is a massive miss for all of us wanting to stay with trade 212. Happy it is available now but would of loved to had been in at least 0.25 which is was last week as I knew this would double after keeping an eye on this stock for months.

Been trying to buy all morning but can’t get an order through - almost no market action right now

Has anyone been able to actually buy ALBA? I’m giving up now. Three times I’ve picked the dip and can I get an order placed and actually executed at auction, nope.

I can see the trades happing via ADVFN so it has ok liquidity.

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