Gold / Mining / Resource stocks for investing please!

aannnnd it’s up 42% AGAIN today now 1.85 ;O FML.

Orosur Mining up 900% since 29/09 and UFO now up over 400% since 29/09

Out of curiosity what Gold / Mining stocks are you following that’s already on T212?

I have three GGP, KEFI and KOD. And dabbling in LAC but not currently in. I’ve tried to get I to ALBA but can’t seem to get a buy going through any of the auction times.

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@David someone mentioned a big batch of stocks being added to T212 next week I think? (Or maybe I dreamt it :rofl:)

If so can it please include the ones in this thread?


Not many tbh, invested in GGP and monitoring Alba. Do look at the other two you mentioned but haven’t done enough research into them yet. Pick up ideas from the GGP forums which is where I heard about UFO and Orosur. Some of the ASX ones look promising too but I would only look at them seriously if they came onto 212, which is probably unlikely.

Have you tried a market order with ALBA? That’s the trouble with the really illiquid stocks, hard to get in and out of. Maybe a good long term investment if you can get in?

Both market and limit made a ranty thread on it the other day when it was 0.390 and couldn’t get anything to execute. And seeing it painfully go back towards 0.5+

The other one I’ve been following on T212 is NAK but its controversial due to being Alaska.

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I think it’s still in the pipeline to add Australia and Hong Kong etc :crossed_fingers: I saw a post from @David mentioning OTC too with Tencent :soon:

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Here’s the KEFI telegram group, I have the rather large GGP one too if you want that.

Cheers, I had seen the telegram info on LSE but haven’t joined yet. Will have a look at KEFI too :+1:

Do you happen to know what criteria T212 need to add new shares?

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Well at the moment it’s just IPOs getting added. And the odd random one where enough people are shouting for it.

A few months back it was any stock, then just those that were bumped with support of others interested.

I think from various posts that something big is coming. @David :eyes:

The aim is to add every single stock from each exchange. So no more saying can I have this and that.

Probably get can you add this exchange instead :sweat_smile:


I am really looking forward to this for the european stock exchanges (London, Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam, etc) :smiley:.


I really wish they would hurry!

If you want to make yourself sick, check out the av. price for each of those shares when I posted this compared to now. I don’t think a single one is down, and many are over 100% up. FML

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Would be great to see these added gold diggers :wink:

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I’m guessing we all need to just give up now? :frowning:


Any update on the above @David, even if it’s to say that they won’t be added?

I too am really interested in WSBN (wishbone) and UFO (Alien metals)

David has made an announcement today that 2800 stocks are being added, here’s hoping…

Thanks to @phildawson he has created this list of the ones that have been added…

ALBA (ALBA Mineral Resources) :white_check_mark:
SOLG (Sol gold) :white_check_mark:
UFO (Alien metals) :no_entry_sign:
ARV (Artemis Resources) :no_entry_sign:
SVE (Starvest) :no_entry_sign:
EUA (Eurasia Mining) :no_entry_sign:
EEE (Empire Metals) :white_check_mark:
ECR (ECR Minerals) :no_entry_sign:
GUN (Gunsynd) :no_entry_sign:
WSBN (Wishbone Gold) :white_check_mark:
WATR (Water Intelligence) :no_entry_sign:
EMH (European Metals Holdings) :no_entry_sign:
PRIM (Primorus Investments) :white_check_mark:
THOR (Thor Mining) :white_check_mark:
OMI (Orosur Mining) :no_entry_sign:


Thor Mining is on there :+1: