Good stock to invest in Ely?

Hi guys while digging for stocks to buy I found one with a market cap of 2.75bil and with revenues of 1.75bil currently a share is 29$ Which could potentially be undervalued if you look at all other company’s who are worth like 10bil and don’t bring in a penny do your own research before you buy anything ticker :frowning: Ely ) also let me know what you guys think Since I’m a noob here thanks .

Most large and established companies are valued based on profits.
For example: BT, Barclays, National Grid, Bank of America, Coca Cola, etc

If I were you I would be very careful with stocks that do not have profits (don’t know about this one) or are trading at very high multiples of profits. That usually requires A LOT of growth so that it ends up well.

If you are new I would not start with penny stocks. And do a lot of research.
The easiest way to start is with large ETFs, such as ETFs on the S&P 500 or EuroStoxx500.

Have you tried the practice account?