Help me with my Pie

Any idea about my choices? Thanks in advance

What do you want help with ?

These are the prices that I have entered just recently: 360 Finance: 10.90, Moderna: 108, Salesforce: 222, Alphabet: 1740, Amazon: 3264, BioNTech: 86, Alibaba: 223, and Sony: 100.
Is there something that I need to change based on your opinion?

Well depends on what you are trying to do ?

I hold Google and Amazon out of your list.
They seems to be strong companies - I don’t know about 360 finance or bioNtech

My focus is on growth. What is your strategy?

Thanks for the reply. Me too, I think we can consider baba, sony, and salesforce as growth stock too. But I have decided to enter mid-term for vaccine stocks like Moderna and BioNTech, and finally 360 Finance which has very good earning with low price.

Hi I’m not invested in most of those companies but all look like a solid bunch. If your ideas like mine to " Beat the Market" then they all seem decent picks. If youre looking Hyper Growth then you’d be better doing more research.

I’m Fully Invested in this Pie:

These might not fit your investment strategy or portfolio but they are there to observe and learn. I’m looking for feedback myself. We can all learn from each other.

Cool - I’m sure sure if Sony is still growing.
But if not research them - I would think it’s not.
I guess I take more risk.
You could looks at ishare Clean energy etf.
USA and the EU are investing alot over the next 10 years. Or another clean energy fund.

About the Sony and 360 Finance on yahoo finance and webull:

Cool. What are they doing that makes you think there will still be growth?
I’m asking because I don’t know

For Sony you can take a look at these:

For 360 finance:

I don’t see anything special ? What has caught your eye about the company.

Simply earning report, I think it is gonna be somthing like JD ADR in future …