General invest web graph improvement ideas

Just a few ideas I’ve taken from looking around at other platforms and online graphs

For a start the volume ticks on Invest seem to be kinda… broken, they work fine on CFD but for invest they don’t really let you tick them, and making a custom template with them will just stop working randomly too

More time granularity and expanded zoom ranges - I’d love to be able to pick 5 minutes, or 30 minutes, or maybe 6 hours or 2 days for example, more granular selections here would be nice (CFD has some but invest lacks even those!) plus the ability to zoom out and see more, with 1 minute candles it only goes back to the start of the day, it’d be really nice if we could zoom out a ton and see a lot more data in these more zoomed in levels - this limit in zoom level seems to really limit the ability to look at something like a 100 or 200 SMA too :frowning:

More color options for indiciators, maybe with an opacity slider too - the current selection of colors is pretty limited, having more colors or at least an opacity slider for them would be really nice

thanks a lot! I do love the platform but a lot of other platforms have really polished graphing and I’ve love to see it expanded here

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I definitely agree the graphs need a bit of an overhaul.
Different specific time intervals are needed.

It just doesn’t feel user friendly for charting.

Please take a look at IG charting… thats the level at the minimum thats required for a trading platform. I use IG’s free demo for charting and trade via 212.

Just my personal opinion that 212 is inferior in the charting anslysis.

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Just to throw in another idea, it’d be amazing to be able to set up price alerts on certain indicators or oscilators, an obvious example being an alert for when the RSI falls under 30, I’d seriously use this all the time

In fact, comparing to tradingview, unless I’m misunderstanding something does the lack of older data in T212’s charts make longer period indiciators like a 180 SMA basically useless? it seems to be ‘wrong’ compared to one on tradingview (where it can presumably be more accurate as it has the older data to go off of rather than just stopping half way through the chart)

even if it’s a little different for some other reason, it’d still be great to allow some deeper customization and ranges of data so we don’t have to rely so much on other charting solutions