Great Western Mining Corporation Plc LON: GWMO

This is a time sensitive one :pray:


Great Western Mining (LON: GWMO)

Been mentioned before, I assume it’s in the requests backlog. I’ve got one I asked about a month ago and still waiting to go.

I see there’s.some new ones going live tomorrow.

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Is there a place in the forum that shows whats new?

If I diff the desktop version I can see these have been added today, I was going to make a thread which shows them if not already done.

array:15 [▼
  44 => "IONS (Ionis Pharmaceuticals)"
  440 => "CPRX (Catalyst Pharmaceuticals)"
  520 => "BLNK (Blink Charging)"
  656 => "EXEL (Exelixis)"
  996 => "PAYS (Paysign)"
  1347 => "SIS (Science in Sport)"
  1409 => "PREM (Premier African Minerals)"
  1558 => "STM (STMicroelectronics)"
  1692 => "BFSA (Befesa)"
  1725 => "PHE (Powerhouse Energy)"
  1879 => "ALFEN (Alfen Beheer)"
  2156 => "DRD (DRDGOLD)"
  2224 => "SMSI (Smith Micro Software)"
  2382 => "BASI (Bioanalytical Systems)"
  2388 => "BEG (Begbies Traynor)"

Would love to see list of recently added stocks from the date when they announced those 200 shares per week

You’re telling me there’s another LSE group chat I’ll have to follow now?

I just noticed that David had replied to a number of the Stock Requests today saying they would be live tomorrow. However they normally do list a bundle of them when they go live.


For all that are interested in this, what kind of time frame are we looking at?

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Bump again.

@David could this one be added into next weeks list please? Appreciate all the hard work you guys are doing, thanks!