Great Western Mining (LON: GWMO)

Please could you add Great Western Mining stock?


+1 to be included in those upcoming 10,000 new stocks

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Thanks! Do we know how long those 10,000 will be from now? Really grateful to the T212 team for working to get us them! Really excited for them!

Scheduled to be added in batches from now onwards:

What’s the scoop on this stock :thinking:

Not sure yet. Been looking into them. Seem to have a lot of potential. They are copper/gold miners in Nevada. Lot of surface mineralisation on one site. Still researching atm, but seems promising.

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Hey, if anyone notices when this stock is added, could he/she let us know here please?
I’ll do the same :slight_smile: :smiley: :+1:

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Still waiting! Hopefully coming soon!