Guaranteed stop loss

Please add a guaranteed stop loss.

My stop loss was not executed yesterday until I manually closed positions myself.

Please add a guaranteed stop loss with fee.
I want to pay a fee, but I want my stop loss executed every time at price I entered.

You can not trust an app which do not execute your stop loss.
I consider going on an other platform with my 10.000€ account if I can not trust my stops.

All serious trading is based on money management and risk management. I calculate my risk to be half of my target profit, and be maximum 1% of my account per day.
If I loss 5 times what was initially my maximum calculated loss,
my trading can not be sustainable, and I will burn my account quickly.

I don’t care about liquidity, or lack of trading 212 clients trading an asset, or lags or technical problems on the platform.

Give me a guaranteed stop, and pay me the difference when platform lag and do not execute my stop price. I will pay a fee to be sure my money/risk management is executed as calculated.

IG trading app has guaranteed stop, and they pay you back the difference when it doesn’t work.

I trade US stocks on invest side, on iPad.

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It wont happen any time soon, if at all. with everything they are in the process of handling so far such a feature would probably not make it to the discussion table until late-2021/ early-2022.

especially the mention of fee’s, that’s not T212’s core business model. T212 is in the process of managing their own risk exposure and they aren’t going to do that by taking on your risks too. I’m not even going to list off the differences between Trading212 and IG.

for the best experience, consider the desktop web platform or mobile apps as they are the most up-to-date version of the platform.

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