Stop Loss Didn’t work

Well today is not a good day
basically Lost all my positions today
I had a Ino stock at 34 with stop loss at 28
Ino jumped down to 28
Stop loss didn’t close my position
Dropped down to 25
ALL my position were closed as I’ve reached my minimum margin
This along with my missing £150
Wich would of saved my positions today
I’m really pissed off

Sorry about this, but I may have to add salt in the wound here:

The stop loss only works if it can reach the price and liquidity is ok. It sells at the best price available, but if no price is available (ie: no buyers) then it must wait.
The Ino stock you mentioned has just had a huge crash with not much in the way of buyers, so the price just keeps sinking and sinking.

Sorry, not a lot that would have saved you here. Really bad luck and a risky stock which was being bought on a lot of speculation by a lot of people.

@TomekPopiela Could you private message me your trading account’s email address so I can take a look?

Yeah that’s true I was thinking that but then again it was just one big drop it was progressive if you know what I mean it was going down bit by bit i saw it drop down near my stop loss
So I thought it would be save as I’m currently in work I left it not even 2 minutes later I go log back in and only then do I get notifications about margin and closed positions
It honestly must be really bad luck
If only PayPal wasn’t having problems right now I’d be golden

@TomekPopiela I couldn’t find a single stop loss or any type of pending order associated with your open positions.

I didn’t have a stop loss on all my positions only 2 on the higher levels
And I’m sure that I had stop losses set as I made sure of it before the market opened
Wich is why I didn’t close them myself when the price dropped near my stop loss as I was sure it would close itself

It happened to me alot of times! Dont use stoploss on t212 its shitt

:man_facepalming: if it’s happened to you a lot of times is it not simply because you are expecting it to get you a specific exit price? (which isn’t what a stop loss is and just thinking it’s not working correctly)

It’s just a trigger point to place a market order.

It doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get that specific price.

It’s literally doing a give me your best sell price after being triggered as if it pushed that market sell order button for you, that is all.

It could have gaped, price could be moving quickly, could be no buyers.